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This is a little manga I wrote to show how a girl’s efforts to make someone hurting smile ends up revealing a similar compassion from the very boy she was trying to comfort. It shows how a little kindness can sometimes seem pointless but it can be contagious and turn around to help the person giving it more than the one receiving it. 

SDOHUFodshuf omg this is so so so so so cute I love iiiit ahhh


I’m high as a kite by then….


Every time they’re together and kissy ooey-gooey opening up their boxes, I die <3




"i am not at all physically attracted to you"

is an absolutely valid reason to not want to date someone.

People had the nerve to call me shallow for this.

By the way, it’s also totally cool to turn someone down without explaining your reasons. You are not interested, no will suffice. Do not feel pressured to explain your decisions to someone else. 

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ARTIST: Passion Pit
TRACK: Sleepyhead (Acoustic Piano Version)


Sleepyhead (Acoustic) | Passion Pit 


This is one of the biggest “fuck you“‘s to completionists I’ve ever seen

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: Grand Reopening (2015)


While we’re bringing back memes and the 00’s may I remind you of Happy Bunny.